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Honor the code.

Code of Awesome

Everyone at Being Awesome is Awesome Fest is there to meet up with and be inspired by the like-minded folks that will be there. So there are a few ground rules to ensure that that spirit is maintained:

  • No hustling for your own self. This isn’t some cheesy networking event for you to hand out business cards hoping someone will want to hire you. If you give out a business card that was not requested, the unwitting recipient has the right to punch you in the kidney.
  • Be cool and open to collaborating with the folks here. If you’re not able to be happy being a part of one of the teams, we’re going to presume it’s you, and not that the other 100+ people are somehow shitty/unworthy of your time.
  • Follow through with your team and your project. Dropping out is amateur night and if you think you might then don’t be a part of Being Awesome is Awesome Fest. Again, it’s totally cool if this isn’t your thing; just don’t take the spot of someone for whom it is.