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Ready to be part of the Awesome in Seattle in August?

Think you're awesome and want to contribute your super power to some project with a couple of other awesome people of varied backgrounds and abilities? Great, that you're nodding your head yes has us intrigued to know more about you. And by the way, part of the unspoken Code of Awesome is that we're not going to sell or trade your info. Doing that is so not awesome.

Tips: Why only 3 sentences? We all have a short attention span, and 100 awesome people is a lot to mingle with. So focus on addressing why someone would be STOKED to meet and collaborate with YOU. Feel free to share about other neat projects you have been involved with. Shine on with your bad self. Got some website that people can click to to learn more about your awesomeness? Great, include the URL.
Super powers can be either specific skills, like photography, marketing, web design, or less tangible abilities like "I'm a dynamite networker", "I know everyone", "I'm connected to major media outlets". Remember to consider what would make you excited versus what would make your eyes glaze over if it were coming from someone else.

This should be a short and sweet of account of one or two, maybe three things that you're interested in and inspired to do something about. Should be something you can name in one or two words, like "green technology", or "travel", or "beer". What're you passionate about?

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