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Being Awesome is Awesome Fest is complete. Three weeks have passed since the original formation of teams and projects, and here's the historical record of what happened:

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Friday, August 7th

We've got our guidelines and release forms for doing our interview clips, onward we go this week to record ourselves answering the question!
We are meeting on Sunday at 6:30 at the location to start designing and brainstorming.

Monday, August 10th

I reached out to an architect friend who does permitting for industrial properties - conversation imminent!
We are working on community outreach material! So lucky to have people with great skills in language and visual content helping to create material that will be though provoking and eye catching! First step materials, next step community outreach!

Tuesday, August 11th

We met on Sunday evening and prioritized the tasks of leveling the venue area with appropriately draining natural materials and securing the area with a new fence which incorporates public-facing metal art.

Wednesday, August 12th

We are planning our fundraiser at the Bennett’s house. Tomorrow we are visiting their home to discuss event logistics and then we will work on the invitations and guest list.

Thursday, August 13th

Week 1 finishing powerfully for us: we've each recorded one or two clips to be part of the final video.

Friday, August 14th

Team Asylum is hosting an event at the Columbia Tower Club on Tuesday- August 25th
We are very excited to to see the making of this film to bring an important message to the community!
We are currently looking for a structural engineer to help verify the plausibility of this project. In addition we are hoping to find building owners who are willing to explore the idea of setting up our beta module on their roof. We are also exploring the potential of using other under utilized space in the city. If you think you have a contact that might help with any of these pieces please feel free to reach out.
We have gotten 2 media contact buzzing about the project and are connecting them with people in the organization to drumm up more headlines. And we even have a council member potentially wanting to jump in and support. The support continues to build and we have just barely gotten started!

Saturday, August 15th

Our fabulous team is right on target with video clip production and we're about to see our first edited product. Thanks to everyone involved!!
WHAT A GREAT TEAM!!! WE DID IT! We will be hosting an event for Asylum on Tue, 8/25 at 6PM at the Columbia Tower Club -Harvest Room. We hope to see you there! You can get your ticket on Eventbrite...
To give you an idea about what Asylum is about, please watch. Vimeo: vimeo.com/133791191 Password: Asylum

Sunday, August 16th

As of today we have collected 4 below the knee limbs and 34 liners

Thursday, August 20th

Just saw the rough edit of what we've got so far. Looking sharp!
I have had the chance to see and edit a great series of video clips generated by all of our team members! We have such a creative and interested group! So far it's been a blast. Wait to see what we create!
Our event is moving along. We hope to see everyone there. It'll be a very moving night that you don't want to miss. We even just got a video shout out from
UNIVISION! Please watch.... www.facebook.com/MelindaRaebyne/posts/1668899373354544
August 25th @ 6:00pm in the Harvest: tickets are $40 & includes drink tickets and appetizers: come and learn more about project Asylum!
We have a total of 49 items.

Friday, August 21st

We're right on track with everyone being creative and Thor doing a great job putting the pieces together. Thanks!!

Saturday, August 22nd

A senior guy in a Heavy hitting Seattle engineering firm is showing interest. If they throw ANY weight toward this, look out for the awesome.

Sunday, August 23rd

We collected over the last several days a above the knee limb with liner and a below the knee limb with liners. (23). Our total as of now 72.
Be One of the Voices of Asylum in Tuesday. #beavoiceasylum vimeo.com/132386806
We hope to see you on Tuesday night at 6pm for our Red & Black Event. THX.
That's GREAT!!! WAY TO GO!
I can't wait to see your video. I'm sure it's going to be powerful.
Any updates? I would love to help out when you do this event.
If you need a contact with King5 New Day NW I have one. :)
We started working on the site! Leveled the foundation, finalized the design, bought materials, and will have some great progress to show later this week!

Tuesday, August 25th

Tonight's our BIG event. We hope to see you there at the Columbia Tower Club - Harvestor Room at 6pm. Be a voice against Domestic Violence. THX!!!
Amazing stuff happening, we have a new beautifully written press release, a brand new brochure, contacts with media, city council members and more. Its all coming together!

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