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Here's the collection of people who have declared themselves for Being Awesome is Awesome Fest, and is chock full of reasons YOU should be excited to meet the folks there. When you declare yourself you'll be able to weigh in on whom exactly YOU are excited to meet and collaborate with, and thus have sway over the list of attendees.

Meet Bo Schlotzhauer

Primary Superpower: Wireless products and services
Other Super Powers: Photography
Research and project writing
Gets Stoked About: outdoors, food and beer
Bio: "I am an outside the box thinker who is interested in using my ample free-time on projects that are fun, challenging and benefit others. I have an extensive background in wireless phones and wireless services with numerous contacts to figure out any project that might involve these types of formats. I am also a huge outdoors person and any project dealing with outside activities or projects I am extremely interested in being a part of."

Meet David Fox

Primary Superpower: I build companies that rock!
Other Super Powers: Crazy-ass ideas that really work
Helping people succeed
Gets Stoked About: The chance to build something from a vision into a game-changing company that has a massive impact on people's lives
Bio: "Renegade, kick-ass entrepreneur dude. I risk it all, question everything, break all the rules and having a good ole time doing it!"

Meet Glorianna

Primary Superpower: Word Smith, er, Schinagl
Other Super Powers: Putting People of Different Backgrounds and Interests Together to Make Magic
Coming Up with Creative Ideas, Naming Stuff
Gets Stoked About: elevating Denver's fashion scene
Bio: "I have varied interests in photography, fashion, PR and copy writing. I have ideas that combine all of these things. I have a pretty rad local fashion blog called Fashion Folio, www.fashionfolio.wordpress.com, but have bigger ideas!"

Meet Tracy Larson

Primary Superpower: Photography
Other Super Powers: Teaching yoga
Hyper efficiency
Gets Stoked About: International travel, vegetarian cooking, contributing to causes that inspire me
Bio: "I'm a photographer specializing in wedding and family photojournalism, and a yoga instructor. I'm skilled at documenting events, visual storytelling, and some hardcore yoga poses."

Meet Julie Byerlein

Primary Superpower: Identify creative, strategic and actionable biz growth strategies
Other Super Powers: Create delicious picnic cocktails. City Park Punch, anyone?
Inspire play and kindness.
Gets Stoked About: creative process, art, stephen colbert
Bio: "I'm a creative brand builder. I love helping new businesses grow. I'm the Brand Poobah."

Meet Scott DeJong

Primary Superpower: i can start a conversation with virtually anyone anywhere.
Other Super Powers: i can walk for miles and miles.
i have, and use, cameras as old as 70 years.
Gets Stoked About: other people
Bio: "I am awesome because I respect other people. I love photography and beer, which are awesome. And I really love my bike, which is awesome as well."

Meet Lesley Betts

Primary Superpower: I'm ferverant about EVERYTHING.
Other Super Powers: I am the queen of Social Media.
Majored in Awesome, Minored in Snowboarding.
Gets Stoked About: snowboarding, friendship, family
Bio: "3 Years ago I started an adventure called "30DaysofAwesome" where I would blog for 30 days and do something awesome and adventurous. It was the most rewarding experience I have ever participated in. The adventure continues for it's 3rd season this summer, at 30daysofawesome.com & my personal blog leftwithnothing.com"

Meet Jeff Alexander

Primary Superpower: Ability to be outside the box
Other Super Powers: Weird ideas
Funny body language
Gets Stoked About: Travel and alternative ways of spending time on this earth!
Bio: "Creative. Adaptable. Traveled."

Meet Eric Hines

Primary Superpower: Concepting
Other Super Powers: Design
Gets Stoked About: Interaction (on and offline), Creativity, Technology
Bio: "Collaborative creative with no specific medium to play in leads to wide open thought without constraints."

Meet Adrienne Rinaldi

Primary Superpower: marketing, website design/seo
Other Super Powers: beer blog writing
I'm the glue in a group, I bring different people together
Gets Stoked About: I love to travel and be in the outdoors...and beer!
Bio: "I'm more awesome than a dude (running, snowboarding, climbing, hiking)...but feminine as well. I own my own business. Oh, and I write an awesome beer blog, www.beersnobchick.com"

Meet Joshua Trager

Primary Superpower: I have been working as a set lighting technician in the film and tv industry for 10 years making people look good.
Other Super Powers: I enjoy listening to people and learning about them. I have been told I am an excellent sounding board for advice.
I am honest and direct.
Gets Stoked About: I am passionate about helping people improve their lives and feel good about themselves.
Bio: "I have been working in film and television production for 10 years and though that is not what makes me awesome entirely, I enjoy making people look awesome (i.e. lighting) and learning about their awesomeness. I enjoy meeting new awesome people, learning about their awesome skills or awesome life, and playing ultimate frisbee. I am also a nice Jewish dude that can cook and bake his own Challah. Challah!"

Meet Magdalena Fox

Primary Superpower: Super cool marketing chick
Other Super Powers: Connecting with (awesome) people
Cunning linguist: English, German, Polish and learning Spanish
Gets Stoked About: Realizing my dreams and helping others do the same
Bio: "World traveler with a passion for food, art, people and living a passion-filled, non-traditional life full of cool experiences. I don't want to die with a big house full of dusty stuff, but a full life, well-lived with great memories!"

Meet Liz Mockbee

Primary Superpower: I can bake a mean pie, bagel, cupcake, muffin, soft pretzel, cookie, cake, scone, or anything else oven-orriented!
Other Super Powers: I have amazing muscles! I am super strong and fit when it comes to outdoor activities. I love to challenge myself on hikes and climbs in the mountains.
I have photography skilz.
Gets Stoked About: travel, food, Colorado Mountains
Bio: "I am an easy-going, outdoor-adventuring, photo-capturing gal who loves to bake! I have mad skills in the kitchen! I also hike, climb, backpack, camp, and travel as much as I possibly can, whenever I can."

Meet Mickki Langston

Primary Superpower: Making shit happen
Other Super Powers: Loving 'till it hurts
Having ridiculous conversations about life, the universe and everything
Gets Stoked About: building a healthy economy, sharing delicious food with friends and exploring new (to me) places in the world.
Bio: "I'm an entrepreneur, doula & beekeeper, and generally find myself working on projects to make the world a better place. I started the Mile High Business Alliance in 2007, bake awesome cookies, and am often quite passionate about almost anything. My food blog is at dirtonmyfood.wordpress.com and my org is at www.milehighbiz.org"

Meet John Larson

Primary Superpower: Building interactive web apps
Other Super Powers: Loving on and celebrating the radness of people
Coaching folks to fulfill on their potential
Gets Stoked About: Talent and inspiration levereged to make a positive difference in the world.
Bio: "I'm handy at making cool interactive stuff on the web. Beyond making this site, I’ve single-handedly built www.coachaccountble.com, platform for coaching which is positively thriving. The freedom that has given me has me delighted to play in causing more awesome in the world."

Meet Brian Domokos

Primary Superpower: I can easily make a fool of myself on a stage.
Other Super Powers: I am a teacher so completely open schedule for this.
I can talk to anyone.
Gets Stoked About: Helping people know truth
Bio: "My awesomeness is best shown by the fact that I'm a great English teacher who frequently uses poop, farts, or other such bodily functions to illustrate my points. I'm also great at starting conversations with strangers, care about people, and I like to cook."

Meet Mario Perricone

Primary Superpower: Raise money for non profits.
Other Super Powers: New many business owners
Givers Gain!
Gets Stoked About: Helping business' make money so they don't have to stress over keeping their doors open.
Bio: "Project Giveback! I help non profits with ideas to encourage business' to donate to their cause. If you are a business owner and want to donate to a non profit of your choice, then I can show you how a monthly check can be sent on your behalf to your worthy cause. I can also show you how to get other business owners to do the same. Win Win. Best of all, it won't cost you as the business owner any more money to get involved with Project Giveback!"

Meet Russell Corn

Primary Superpower: I'm a gnarly builder!
Other Super Powers: I can network like a rock star!
I can focus my mind on whatever I want to rock out on!
Gets Stoked About: Sustainable energy, world cultures, Protection of Oceans
Bio: "I am awesome at building of all sorts. I will Rock out on a project with all my awesomeness. Raging a project with all my awesomeness is my specialty :)"

Meet Adrian Williams

Primary Superpower: "6th" sense intuition
Other Super Powers: I really do almost know everybody or at least someone who does.
Drive with patience for others, I'll make you smile.
Gets Stoked About: extreme sports, All technology, social/charity events
Bio: "People love to hang out with me. I enjoy and radiate good positive energy. I know how to keep it simple."

Meet Jessie Rogers

Primary Superpower: My energetic charge and wandering mind leads me to new adventures.
Other Super Powers: Marketing Mania!
I have a fun personality and like to work with people
Gets Stoked About: Sports, Travel, Gluten Free Products!!!
Bio: "After closing out the 18 years of pushing myself to the limit physically on the soccer field and mentally in the classroom, I am a recent student-athlete graduate from the University of Denver. Freshly back from studing abroad in Spain I am currenlty heavily influenced and inspired by the Spanish culture and language. Along with my athletic and Spanish background, I love music, drawing, being active and participating in any and every social events around!"

Meet Justin Lowell-Bellew

Primary Superpower: I innovate
Other Super Powers: I can sell and actually enjoy selling anything with which I'm aligned
I have awesome friends and enjoy facilitating networking opportunities
Gets Stoked About: social entrepreneurship, green tech, and energy
Bio: "I'm a Multilingual Mycologist / MBA. I seek systemic sustainable solutions, smiles, sales, and surfing. goo.gl/RbiJ3 and, of course, my blog: guerillagreen.wagn.org/"

Meet Anne Richardson

Primary Superpower: graphic design
Other Super Powers: process workflow simplification and data management
i know one heck of a lot about denver neighborhoods
Gets Stoked About: beer, bikes, food sourcing
Bio: "i already have a shirt that says "AWESOME" on it; so there's that... otherwise, i'm totally gung ho about any project related to riding & fixing bikes / recreating an organic food structure / creating & drinking good beer (or a combo of the 3? OMG yesss!), and i like to make great stuff happen because i don't see the point in waiting around for it to happen on its own. (p.s. i am the graphic designer behind awesome fest stuff. my portfolio: www.localflavormarketing.com)"

Meet Danelle Trujillo

Primary Superpower: Marketing
Other Super Powers: Advertising
I have a golden tongue when it comes to negotiations and sales skills
Gets Stoked About: I am passionate about dogs, the earth and Colorado
Bio: "I'm pretty awesome because I allow myself to be myself, which is awesome. I think people would be stoked to meet and collaborate with me because I have a very open mind with great idea's to share. I am a bad ma-mah ja-mah!"

Meet Benjamin Gelem

Primary Superpower: Time-management
Other Super Powers: Multiplication
Gets Stoked About: Following through with great ideas.
Bio: "I yearn to learn. I have multiple career paths at which I am excelling. I continually have earth-shattering ideas that can change the world."

Meet Mike Sosniak

Primary Superpower: I perform Muscle Activation Techniques to help people reduce pain and function more efficiantly.
Other Super Powers: I get allong well with anyone. I also love to meet new people and try new places.
I have managed 40+ people at a time at a previous job.
Gets Stoked About: Sports and Fitness, Business Marketing, Networking
Bio: "I am a young and forward thinking individual. I am very big fitness enthusiast and love what Colorado has to offer in that department. I'm a former business owner with much entrepreneurial ambition."

Meet Tamara Boyd

Primary Superpower: Big picture person
Other Super Powers: Energy
Uncovering fun in average, ordinary or even boring situations
Gets Stoked About: Helping the underserved, underprivledged, underneath the beautiful Colorado sky!
Bio: "I'm a salesperson so I can talk just about anybody into just about anything...as long as they have an open mind that is!"

Meet adam knudson

Primary Superpower: I possess obnoxious science knowledge (physics, chemistry)
Other Super Powers: I am a teacher / tutor
Photographer. Also - I am a weekend warrior in the garage!
Gets Stoked About: I love green technology, urban gardening and marine conservation / education. Those things make me smile...
Bio: "Money doesn't motivate me, living and loving life does. I am a science geek and it resonates within my hobbies, interests, and talents. Doing things for others rather than fulfilling my own indulgences is fun to me and is... awesome!"

Meet Phil von Hake

Primary Superpower: I am fairly well-connected within Colorado's cleantech/sustainability community.
Other Super Powers: I bike commute, take RTD, bought & still drive what might be the first Toyota Prius in the Denver area (Nov. 2000), and do what I can to get others to do the same.
Once a project has me, it HAS me! And some of the already-awesome projects might just be able to "have me" ... ?!
Gets Stoked About: Laughing, Street Fairs, and almost anything that helps reduce our dependence on oil ... !
Bio: "I am a Communications Consultant (e.g., technical writing, website design/development/maintenance/"rescue," event promotion, public & media relations, presentations, etc.) for Clean-Technology and Green-Future Issues (energy, transportation, land use, waste management, water, etc.). I strive to create "a message to help clear the air": telling the story of those who work for a more sustainable future, while educating others to make more sustainable choices of their own. My "main issue" these days is Peak Oil, and hope to get Denver, Colorado, and the USA as ready as possible for the inevitably declining amount of gasoline coming our way."

Meet Jc Murray

Primary Superpower: Application Layer/API Programming
Other Super Powers: Data Models
Gets Stoked About: Semantic Web, HTML5, Mashups
Bio: "I am a php ninja with a love of bleeding edge technologies and figuring out how I can use them to do ninja-like things!"

Meet paul macfarlane

Primary Superpower: I have big ideas that do good things for good things.
Other Super Powers: I write and make people cry, act smile or get fired up on demand.
I know what you're thinking right now. Can he bring peace to the Middle east? (uh huh.)
Gets Stoked About: peace, love, understanding, health, nature
Bio: "I can solve any problem (with more benefits to more people) more creatively and faster than any other human. I write, design, teach, think, direct, play music and more. www.the1101experiment.org www.inspiredintelligence.com www.professionalhumanbeing.blogspot.com"

Meet Jonna Busack

Primary Superpower: Reaching into my bag of magic to plan awesome fundraising events
Other Super Powers: Keeping life simple & awesome
Kung Fu Kick!!!
Gets Stoked About: Peace, love and the family unit
Bio: "There is no charge for awesomeness or attractiveness -- Kung Fu Panda."

Meet Alecia

Primary Superpower: Word Ninja, Connector
Other Super Powers: Areas of study include sales, marketing, linguistic theory, process science (lean/T.O.C.), behavioral economics (neuroscience behind buying decisions), general neuroscience, Net Zero Engery Buildings, sports psychology, the American Revolution
Movie Quote Recall
Gets Stoked About: I love ideas, language and the human brain. Also a summer night at the ball park, long walks on the beach, pina coladas...that's what you meant right?
Bio: "I get excited figuring out how to create sustainable shifts in personal and organizational behavior with minimum effort. I like the sneaky effort (not underhanded, just largely unseen) that produces very visible results. I'm addicted to books, have read a ton, and have great recall to bring a lot of ideas beyond my own to every project...although, mine are usually pretty good too."

Meet Brian Melton

Primary Superpower: Collecting words into sentences and making super-fly paragraphs.
Other Super Powers: I can mix mean cocktails.
Collaborative Genius.
Gets Stoked About: Making the world a better place with smiles.
Bio: "Bragging isn't a strong suit of mine, but I am pretty good with words. I've been a poet, a pirate, a pauper, a pawn...but I love entertaining and my sense of humor is a little more brash than most. I have several blogs, but none are updated: I tend to focus my powers on helping others succeed, often at my own disadvantage."

Meet Jonathon Stalls

Primary Superpower: connector
Other Super Powers: visionary
Gets Stoked About: trusting strangers
Bio: "I'm obsessed with social interaction, emotional & cultural intelligence and destroying negative otherizing. Walking and listening bring me great peace. Taking risks for love and a better world make me truly come alive. www.kivawalk.com"

Meet Tawnya

Primary Superpower: Freelance action sports powerhouse
Other Super Powers: Everything snowboarding
Avid traveler and deal finder
Gets Stoked About: writing, meeting new people, traveling
Bio: "A few girls and I made a website dedicated to our Awesomeness. www.30daysofawesome.com. 30 Days of Awesome starts June 10-July 9. We all do something "Awesome" each day for 30 days and blog about it every day. www.tawnya.us"

Meet Dan Albert

Primary Superpower: I can make machines and computers do crazy stuff. Mechanical engineering stuff. Robot stuff.
Other Super Powers: Years of teaching experience in snowboarding, martial arts, math and physics
Professional globetrotting hitch hiker and couch surfer
Gets Stoked About: Wind! I'm getting my PhD figuring out how to make better wind turbines. Also, hot sauce.
Bio: "I've been known to buy one-way tickets to foreign countries and hitch hike my way home. I managed to spend 12 scattered months in 13 countries and 4 continents and still whack out an engineering degree in 4 years."

Meet Eliav Cohen

Primary Superpower: I connect people
Other Super Powers: I get people empowered and into action
When I say I will do something, it is a done deal.
Gets Stoked About: Hot air balloning, Raising wild amounts of money for charity, Throwing iron chef parties(cooking)!
Bio: "I fly hot air balloons, run a new startup, and at one point in my life I was a street performer juggling knives and fire."

Meet Sarah

Primary Superpower: College student, Studying Business
Other Super Powers: Meditate, dance and cook
teamworker, easy going, and friendly
Gets Stoked About: Recycle, reuse and renew. HAPPY PEOPLE
Bio: "Because I Smile, Laugh and Love! I love Peace and Kindness I know how to have a good time, ALL THE TIME!"

Meet laurie maves

Primary Superpower: fantastic live painter, yet stupendous studio painter as well
Other Super Powers: social networking
you tubing and live streaming my process
Gets Stoked About: love and philanthropy
Bio: "I have declared myself as Denver's live performance painter. After painting brandi carlile, gov. Hickenlooper, richard cheese, something underground, bop skizzum, flobots and the fray...I can only get nothing but excited at the prospect of painting Matt Morris live this Thursday at the soiled dove underground. My life goal is to paint U2, but am also stoked about painting motivational speakers and at special events"

Meet Caleb Tkach

Primary Superpower: Commercial Photography - event, product, & assignment work.
Other Super Powers: Problem solving under pressure
Bringing broken things back to life
Gets Stoked About: Anything with wheels, abandon buildings, baseball, & Legos!
Bio: "I was labeled "highly hyper active" growing up and haven't changed. Always writing down ideas on various scraps of paper scattered throughout my house. I spend as much time as I can outside."

Meet Diana

Primary Superpower: Creative genius
Other Super Powers: Walking energy drink
Sarcastic seeker of fun
Gets Stoked About: Chocolate, travel, funny things and fun people
Bio: "Ball of enerygy that constantly has ideas flowing through the "moderately" sized brain. Immitation of fountain of youth via "I will never grow up" and seeker of creation via "splatter of paint on canvas" that later I call art. Pretty much a bundle of joy!!!"

Meet Dan Harrison

Primary Superpower: Creating good times out of thin air
Other Super Powers: People play 6 degrees of Dan Harrison
Getting people to tell me things they would never tell a stranger
Gets Stoked About: Outdoors, Intelligent conversationb, & Booze
Bio: "Smart, motivated, and inspired, I tend to take the reins in most groups and lead them to awesomeness. I am known amongst my friends, peers, and cohorts as somebody that always has something interesting & fun going on. I would like to share that vigor for life with others outside of my circle."

Meet Glenn Lee

Primary Superpower: Creating game changing ideas and working with others to make them happen
Other Super Powers: Doing 3D computer modelling of novel inventions
Strong knowledge of "Big business" with best skills in entrepreneurial endeavors
Gets Stoked About: Soaring, sailing, biking and any ingenious "green" energy technologies.
Bio: "Seasoned CPG and finance guru. Enjoy finding ways to take businesses from smaller to bigger by tweaking the rules and leveling the playing field. Sustainable technologies are our future. Helping to make them happen is one of my passions."

Meet Adam Salomo

Primary Superpower: I'm a mega-dreamer
Other Super Powers: i like to sing
I'm really good on computers.
Gets Stoked About: I want to learn and open myself to everything positive
Bio: "I think once I feel comfortable and have people's attention I'm able to be really creative with minor details and things that often get overlooked."